This Penelope Homage to a life and love

How do we describe the places and people we know? How do we preserve and express our experiences, our memories and feelings? How do we express our joys and sorrows through our life’s journey?

The practice of making my pictures involves observing and reflecting, moving from the particular of my own experience and taking a journey through process and unspoken conversations.  In that journey I am searching for beauty and balance to make something with a life beyond the starting point.  It’s about searching for something that sings, something that stands on its own and connects with the shared experience of being human.

Landscape and natural forms are often the starting point, the catalyst for the conversations. With sketches and photos as prompts, I draw and paint with thread and fabric combining different techniques and media. Silks of various thicknesses, types and textures are often twisted or scrunched up, sometimes torn or deconstructed and often applied in layers with freehand machine embroidery creating a depth or a three dimensional appearance. Sometimes the fabric is painted for texture and colour before embroidery and then paint may be added on top of the embroidery which can render the medium used ambiguous, capturing the viewer’s interest and fixing it on the effect of the work rather than the material from which it is made.

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